Wednesday, 27 March 2013

What I Wore (Sketch Edition)

So whilst scouring the web for blogs to follow, I found a little project called What I Wore Drawings, which is adorable. They've even got a book out now, which I'm tempted by but have no money to fund, sadly. Basically loads of really talented illustrators/artists post up a little sketch of what they wore that day, so I decided, naturally at about 2am, to do the same. I know the hand is rubbish but I think i got bored of drawing at that point and just decided to scribble.

So here's mine, with annotations (excuse the handwriting):

Also an excuse to play around with some of my new brushes from ImagineFX, they had loads of pencil/sketchy brushes that I thought I'd briefly experiment with. I don't pretend to be good at matching clothes up/wearing exciting things but I thought it'd be something fun to do while I'm working on my dissertation, which is loong.

Thanks for reading, I've got another pic in the works so check back soon!



  1. omgah Annie this is sooo cool and such a cute idea, I LOVE IT xxxx