Sunday, 24 March 2013

First Impressions: Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation

So I ran out of my go-to foundation, Bourjois' Healthy Mix, which has always got the job done, has good coverage, not too much of a scent and is generally a godsend. Unfortunately I'm in a bit of a money rut at the moment and I'm beginning to see the depths of my overdraft. And as Healthy Mix generally retails at about £.11.00 (it is good though, fair enough.), I was on the hunt for something a few quid cheaper that would meet the Bourjois standard.

Now I'd tried Rimmel's other best-seller, the True Match, which was fine except for the fact that it seemed to clog my pores, and the finish was a bit sticky/greasy, even if I put powder over the top. I'd gone for the lightest shade, but annoyingly it was just a bit orange. I went through the bottle, but won't be re-purchasing. On those grounds, I'd decided to rule out Rimmel's foundation range, assuming the others would be similar.

However, after researching what UK Youtube Guru and Beauty blogger Zoella recommends, it seems that Rimmel was worth giving another go. I've been following Zoe for a couple of months now, and she's really easy-watching, her blog is a great read, and besides being absolutely gorgeous she seems to be a lovely, friendly person. In addition to all that, her skin always seems to look great. Whilst this might be partially to do with lighting and camera quality, she highly recommends Rimmel's foundation, and so I thought it might be worth a shot. 

I purchased Wake Me Up for £.7.99, it is definitely more affordable than its counterpart, but it left me wondering whether that was for a reason. It has a slightly more liquid-y consistency than the True Match, which I like as it seems less heavy and sticky. It does, however, have a light scent, which I'm slightly apprehensive about as I have quite sensitive skin. I bought it in the second-from-lightest shade, Ivory.

I applied it this morning, and as I've recently had a bout of dry skin around my eyes and cheeks (British weather to blame), I'm in need of something that's going to cover me up without drying me out even more. As it's now 1am, I'd say it's had enough time to fester. My skin is no drier than it was this morning, which is a plus, though I did have to apply some moisturizer at midday on a particularly dry area. I'm pretty de-hydrated at the moment, so I'm not going to blame that on the foundation just yet. As for colour, I find it's (ironically) a better fit to my skin colour than True Match. It's a tad lighter, but as you can build up colour with powder, blusher and bronzer, that's better than getting a darker shade. As for staying-power, it is most definitely still in place, though obviously the darker patches on my face have started to appear as its been over 14 hours.

Overall, I'd say that for a first impression it seems to be a fantastic cheaper alternative to Healthy Mix, and the coverage is good enough that I don't need to add too much concealer. As for how it's going to interact with my problem-skin, we'll have to wait and see. If there are any problems, I'll definitely update. But for now, I think this may be one of my new favourite drug-store foundations.


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