Thursday, 28 March 2013

A spot of tea and girling

So it's been a slightly more sociable last couple of days, which has meant less drawing and more contact with the outside world, thankfully. I was turning into a bit of a night troll.

Anyhoo, so my friend came round and I decided to show her a picture I'd started for her but never finished (I'm a great, consistent friend, obviously) and then decided to start finishing it in front of her (I'm also really good at hosting.)

So here's the finished product:

Playing around with textures is fun, I feel like it really enhances the drawing (and obviously there's a tea theme with this one.) It's also got an Alice in Wonderland theme because my friend is (quite rightly) obsessed with those books. I'm happy to say it's now her profile picture on Facebook, so clearly I haven't done too badly.

In terms of Photoshop, I used the same soft texture brush from the ImagineFX set I recieved, and then after colouring/shading etc. found this brilliant tea-stained paper texture on deviantart (which you can download here), played around with the opacity settings and the Contrast Levels until this emerged. I'm quite happy with it despite some obvious anatomy issues, but I drew the sketch quite a while ago so I've possibly improved since then.

As an endnote, here is a picture that Emma drew for me in return which I think is much better:

Anyway, off to bed (It's 00:52 and I'm supposed to be getting up tomorrow for Foals!)


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