Saturday, 23 March 2013

A Quick Hello


So I'm not very good at introductions; Never have been, never will, but here goes!

My name is Annie; I'm 21, I'm a creative, I'm studying English at Southampton University (though not for much longer, eep!) and I dabble in and out of digital art and graphic design. I have massive curly hair and moderate insomnia, and I'm quite short. Either that, or I just have tall friends.

I guess this blog will be a place for me to post arty things, life and nerdiness, bands and artists I like, things I've made or want to make, as well as a place to post updates on the Graphic Novel I'm working on for my dissertation. It was an ambitious decision, god forbid, but fingers crossed I'll get it done and some of you are interested enough to watch my journey into either crippling failure or magnificent success!

I'll also be putting up reviews of cosmetics, as I've tried my fair share of products and definitely have some opinions!

I've wanted to start something like this for a while, with many failed attempts resulting in an array of abandoned blogs scattered all over blogspot (sorry, blogspot.) This easter is hopefully going to be the beginning of a motivational epiphany which I'll be aiming to keep up. Who knows, someone may actually read this!

If anyone is interested, my online portfolio is at, and my casual art profile is (excuse the username, I've had it for going on six years now...)

See you all soon!


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