Sunday, 24 March 2013

My First Sketch Blog!

So I felt like doing some sketches today, and just went where my stylus took me. I haven't got loads and loads to show, but I thought, on a cold winter evening with not much to do, I'd best actually put some art on this art blog!

Generally I like doing figure drawing and experimenting with poses/hair/clothing when I'm drawing, and especially when I'm drawing girls. I know my proportions aren't anywhere near realistic, but I've always preferred that graceful, fluid style of drawing figures, as opposed to harsh blocks and forced-looking poses.

I'll generally start off with a very very basic figure drawing, like this:

And then it'll be a case of slowly sanding down the lines to make them neater, and adding details like hair, facial features and clothes. My sketches generally end up looking a bit like this:

As for inspiration/intention, I usually don't have any. I'll just start drawing and someone or something will appear. If i'm going to make a full-coloured, refined image out of a sketch, I'll neaten it up a little past where these two are, enlarge the sketch by about 200-300%, and line over the top of it. I don't know whether I'll turn either of these into complete images, I'm happy with them as sketches for now.

More updates soon!



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