Tuesday, 26 March 2013

ImagineFX and some new brushes!

Man is it cold. We had a bit of a nightmare with the heating earlier that has thankfully fixed itself. I had to sit and draw next to a fan heater for a few hours which was delightful.

Sooo, for my birthday I got a subscription to ImagineFX Magazine, which is (well, they say it is anyway) one of the No.1 publications for digital fantasy/sci-fi artists. And I'd been waiting for ages for an issue, (since the 19th of February, at least), and one finally came. It's their May 2013 issue, which is annoying because i really wanted to get the paper copy of the back issues, but I'm sure I can shed a couple of quid extra.

(Excuse bad-quality webcam image/backwards writing/unshowered hair)

Anyhoo, what I really like about the way they produce it is that you get a CD with downloadable Photoshop brushes and video tutorials on it, so I've obviously been nerding out at my finest and experimenting with them. I took one of the sketches I did yesterday and painted all over it with one of the sketchy charcoal brushes, and I quite like the effect it has. Obviously this is just me playing about and I may never finish it, but here's a snapshot anyway for proof:

Either way, it's pretty exciting (well, for me anyway). I'm going to keep practicing and reading all of the artist features, I'm thinking of doing a few of my own in the upcoming weeks. I'll post up the finished image if I ever get to it!

That's all folks, stay tuned!


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