What made you start a blog?

Well, I've been following bloggers, artists and comedians for as long as I've had the internet, and I figured I finally had enough time/content to start writing a blog. It's one of those things you set the rules with, and given my fairly hectic lifestyle I'm enjoying not having to commit full-time to something like a Twitch/Youtube channel. I'm also not the biggest fan of broadcasting myself/every aspect of my life to those online, so the benefit of a blog is being able to set your limits. It's something everyone should consider, regardless of whether you have a specific 'talent' or not!

What is your job?

I currently work full-time in London as a 3D/VFX Artist for advertising, working on ads, music videos & short films. I can't post about a lot of it as we're usually under NDA, but once something's been made public I'll try to talk about what I've been working on!

What do you use to draw with?

Well, besides good old pencils, pens and inks, I use Photoshop CS6, and a Wacom Art Tablet.

What camera do you use?

Day by day I'll use the camera on my Samsung Galaxy s6 which is pretty excellent, but if I'm feeling fancier I'll use my Canon 700D.

Do you make your own Photoshop brushes?

No, this is unfortunately not a talent I possess. I'll only download brushes that are openly free/available for commercial use, as copyright is very important. I couldn't possibly list all of the ones I own, but a really nice set that has been recommended by a few different artists is the Rob G brush set, or hitting up Charlie Bowater/Loish who often make their brushsets downloadable.

Did you make your own Header image?

Yep! I used some free brushes that I found on dA, and used a font from 1001freefonts.com, which is a great resource if you're looking to make your own.

Will you make me one?

Depending on the project I'll usually charge a small fee, but if I'm open to commissions then sure thing.

Do you offer art commissions?

In the process of setting up a formal commission pricelist and updating it with when I'm open. It's always best to bear in mind that art (sadly) isn't my dayjob, and my dayjob can work me long hours. If you have a tight deadline or you're not going to be able to be flexible then I'm probably not the best option!

Can I use your artwork?

This is totally dependent on a bunch of things. Minor use, I won't charge but would hope you'd credit me...or else I'll be all up in your business. Don't risk it. As for commercial use, a credit would be due but also we'd have to talk about whether or not it'd be something I'd expect payment for. With all these it's best just to contact me :)

How long have you been drawing?

I think ever since I can remember I've loved drawing. I started off, like most of the kids on dA, eye-balling from How-to-draw Manga books, and Disney Cartoons. I was drawing from as young as 8 or 9, and I definitely have a few old (embarrassing!) sketchbooks that will hopefully never grace the internet, but who knows! I picked up a graphics tablet about four years ago, and though it takes a while to get used to, its a fantastic medium once you get the hang of it.

Do you have any favourite artists?

Oh tons, there's no way I could list them all here, I'll probably write posts about it at some point in the future! At the moment I'm completely obsessed with Audra Auclair's work, and some long-time favourites have been Charlie Bowater, Loish & Hunter Bonyun.

Do you stream on Twitch?

I have done in the past. I've sadly moved to an area of London that has minimal upload speed at the best of times so streaming just isn't an option right now. In the process of pressuring our ISP into installing fibre but until that day comes my Twitch channel is taking a loong hiatus. If however you want to follow me, I'm over at www.twitch.tv/anniequa.

If you have any other questions/suggestions, please e-mail me!


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