Friday, 27 September 2013

WOTO, Chamomile and WIPs

Hi all!

So just thought I'd update you on a few things!

At the moment I've been starting a lot of things (and not finishing them, ha) but I thought I'd show you where I've gotten to anyway. I've also begun at a new job recently, so that's taking up a lot of my time - once I've gotten into a routine I will try to stop neglecting my blog...

So the first thing i started a few weeks ago was a piece of mock-concept art. I actually scanned in a sketch first, and painted on top of it, which is something I'm trying to keep going with as it creates a much more painter-ly, almost realistic effect:

I'm pretty pleased with this so far, her face isn't quite right but it's getting there :) I had a nightmare deciding her hair colour but went with this turquoise in the end as I thought it'd give it a slightly futuristic edge.

The other project I started was just an autumn/winter inspired, stereotypical picture of a girl drinking coffee. Sound familiar? I'm loving painting hair at the moment, so I'm having fun with that. And faces, I think I'm getting better at faces but practice makes perfect!

Aand finally, just for a bit of fun, I love the WOTO boys on youtube so I drew them a little piece of fan art. Liam favourited it, so I'm super happy! Here it is:

If you don't know what a flatface is, then I refer you to this video: 

That's all for now, I'll try to keep updating but I'm very busy at the moment! Hope you're all well!


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