Thursday, 19 September 2013

What I Wore: New Job Edition

Hello all!

Just a quick sketch as I felt like drawing something - so here's a What I wore! (In celebration of my newest job!)

Nothing very exciting! The Blazer has become possibly the most useful item in my wardrobe as it automatically turns something casual/old into something smart, which means I haven't had to buy many new formal clothes! Similarly, the skater skirt (which was £16 from Topshop, bargain!) works with most of my tops, and I'm very glad I panic-purchased it in an effort to look smart for my interview. Can't have done too badly, I guess?

Have some links if you fancy some cheap formal wear:

- Skirt, £16.00 Topshop
- Blazer £24.99 New Look

New art posts soon, or at least some WIPs.

Thanks for reading!


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