Sunday, 8 September 2013

Latitude Festival 2013


Well, I have to say that I don't think any summer would be complete without at least a couple of music festivals to break up the bore of reality. And to be honest, it is kind of like a different world - but that's why it's so addictive.

The first of the two I went to was Latitude Festival. It's based in Suffolk, in a large leafy area on the outskirts of Southwold, and is annually home to some of the biggest indie/folk/alternative acts on the international music scene. To illustrate this point, this year's headliners included two big-name indie British bands, Bloc Party and Foals, and bizarrely, the so-called inventors of 80s techno, Kraftwerk, who hail from Germany. It also has a variety of alternative stages, where there is everything from comedy and theatre, to poetry, literature and classical dance. I think that's why it's become my family's favourite - there's so much to offer and if you're not as obsessed with music as I am, you'll still find something weird and/or wonderful.

However, for me, the highlights were definitely the bands. I discovered a couple of new ones, and enjoyed some golden oldies from years ago - and most of all, I got to see a couple of the bands I had been wanting to see for months! These included The Tallest Man on Earth (who doesn't come across very sane, but he sings good), Villagers, The Family Rain (who were excellent and I will be doing a separate post on how amazing they are) and I Am Kloot, the lead singer of which my dad made best friends with when I wasn't there, which is super annoying. 

He has a rare talent for spotting musicians I love when I'm not around - which is something that happened at Latitude a few years ago. He and my mum went for a coffee in a nearby town while we were all still sleeping, and managed to sit at the table right next to Jonsi and his entire band. On the bright side, I got a programme signed by the entire band, but still! Next time I am tailing my dad as closely as I can, which is not something I ever thought I'd say.

My favourite performance definitely came from Alt-J. They were incredible. I'm not going to talk about it, I think i'll be lazy and show you a video. Hopefully this will explain:

I'll be doing a separate post on BoomTown, as I have a load more pictures for that and it needs its own segment because it was THAT incredible. I don't really have many photos from Latitude as I went with my family and my best friend, and nobody bought a proper camera, typical.

More soon!


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