Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Cabin Fever & February Art Dump!


My jaw is finally beginning to look more human and less Mr. Incredible, so this is what I currently look like 
(excuse shitty quality and crazy expressions):
So I thought, as I've had some time away from work and more time to do some painting, I'd share the stuff I've been working on/starting over the past month or so. I was hoping to get more done but unfortunately jaw surgery really does take it out of you for 2 weeks!

Below includes a painting of Maddie Ziegler (aka mini Sia from the Elastic Heart/Chandelier videos), a female re-imagining of Khal Drogo inspired by the lovely miss Emma Pickles (who you can check out here), some face sketches, and the development of a female elf character. Why? Because elves.
I drew the first elf sketch during my night on the ward before surgery - she turned out to be an excellent way to distract myself! I've been trying to find some good clothing refs so I can make her outfit more convincing, obviously she's still very much a WIP but watch this space!

I recently bought a Canon 700D with some savings & birthday money, so prepare to see some higher quality snaps once I get the hang of it. Might do a separate post on it if I have anything worth showing.

I am, however, very much looking forward to getting back to work and seeing my colleagues again. I mean, doing nothing and painting all day is all well and good but now that I'm able I'm keen to get out and do things!

Until next time!


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