Saturday, 28 December 2013

Laptop Breakdown, Christmas and the Future!

Hello all!

So basically this is going to be one of those very convoluted blog posts that I don't expect anyone will read, but if any of you want to know things about where I am currently, then this will provide all of the info necessary!

First of all, I'd like to say a very big Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

The reason I've not been posting as often is due to a laptop crisis of that it likes to randomly bluescreen/crashdump whenever it feels like it, and has been officially declared null, void etc. by a computer man in a shop (who i paid quite a lot of money just to confirm that for me, ffs.) Basically if I even remotely try to open Photoshop, plug in hardware, or open more than about three tabs, it freaks out and bluescreens. Which has put a stopper to any digital creativity this Christmas!

The good news is that I'm currently researching new laptops, which will be fun and exciting as it has been four years since I bought myself any new gadgets!

The furthest I got before it died was an unfinished 4 hour digital painting which I will share with you briefly!:

I'm very glad I managed to recover it (thankyou autosave) as it all looked pretty grim for a bit. I'll hopefully be back in business soon!

As for the imminent future, the next big piece of  news is that I have officially signed up for the Advanced 3D for VFX course at Escape Studios. Following on from the Taster course I wrote about a couple of months ago, I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead with it. The course is 18-weeks, very intensive but hopefully by the end of it I can officially call myself a 3D Artist which will be very exciting! More on that soon, fingers crossed!

Finally, I had a lovely quiet Christmas with my family, and received lots of lovely prezzies (mainly Game of Thrones themed) for which I feel very lucky that I have such generous family and friends! All of my gifts went down well too. I might post separately about this if I get the time :) I can't wait for New Years Eve, where I plan to get very very intoxicated before I have to start burying my head in education again.

Anyhoo, that's all from me, hopefully the next time I write will be from a brand new, fully functional laptop!



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