Sunday, 2 June 2013

First Impressions: Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid

Hey all,

So after a short hiatus during which time I finished my degree and sorted my life out (well, kindof), think I'll kick things off with a beauty review!

I went on a bit of a make-up binge yesterday, but the only thing I was really looking for was a new foundation. Though the Rimmel Wake-Me-Up has definitely served me well, and the finish and lasting power has made it into my new favourite foundation, unfortunately their colour selection just hasn't worked out for me. Their lightest foundation is still a bit orang-ey on my skin, and I really have to blend it down my neck and onto my chest if I want it to look at all natural. Which sucks as everything else is great about it.

Sooo, on a whim (and the closest Boots to me is pretty small) I bought the Maybelline dream satin liquid. I'd seen fair-to-good reviews online, and the thing which recommended them to me was their colour section went a lot lighter. I bought it in number 004: Light Porcelain, and it's a much better match to my skin. And though I'd love to be optimistic and say I'll be getting a tan, today has been the sunniest day so far in the last few months and it's already June...

The first thing I noticed was the texture, which is a little odd, but as Maybelline are selling it as 'air-whipped' with an 'airbrush finish', I'm guessing the mouss-ey texture is supposed to help with the application. I don't tend to use brushes (can't afford good ones!) but it blended pretty well. The coverage isn't as good as the Rimmel, but depending on how confident you feel wearing less. My skin is sometimes good, sometimes bad, and I have some scarring so I had to apply a fair amount of concealer. But otherwise, it's good, and I'm really pleased with the colour.

I haven't tested it's staying-power yet properly but I'll update you after I've done a full day at work and can really tell!

Anyway, that's all for now, I'm going to go and enjoy the sun!


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